To provide a transparent, membership driven, empowered and inclusive space for the LGBT community

Seeking of providing empowerment/growth opportunities for the LGBTQ youth through entrepreneurship training, table banking and so on

About Us

Q Initiative was founded in 2010 by Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual students from Moi University who wanted to create a safe space for queer youth to convene and discuss their issues.


To provide a transparent, membership driven, empowered and inclusive space for the LGBT community


An empowered and informed Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Youth.


To improve the health, safety, and weelbeing of lesbian,gay,Bisexual and Transgender people


Q-Initiatives areas of work and interests include;

Creating safe spaces

Creating safe spaces for LGBTQ youth to thrive through social networking. We use the cluster model to bring members together, and create awareness of Q-I to the LGB population .

Creating awareness

Providing education (health, civic and sexuality education) creating awareness by holding sensitivity trainings to the public/interested parties on LGBTQ issues

Community Outreach

Promoting positive health seeking behaviour through quarterly health outreaches as well as regular community outreaches through Sexual Reproductive Health promotion, HIV/STIs prevention and management and provision of prevention commodities.

Sexual Reproductive Health

Upholding the human rights and Sexual Reproductive Health Rights of LGBTQ persons as well as their security.

Our Portfolio

Our programmes build and maintain a movement of self confident and diverse LGBTQ+ activist who advocate for their human and social-economic rights

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2023 Supreme court ruling

We are alarmed by the misinformation and disinformation being spread online by public officials, religious organisations and popular artistes/celebrities, bloggers/vloggers among others regarding the ruling from the Supreme Court

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Uganda Anti Homo-sexual law 2023

We stand in solidarity with LGBTIQ+ community in #Uganda, we strongly condemn the Anti-Homosexuality Act 2023. It violates human rights & restricts freedom. Love, identity & consensual relationships should never be criminalized.

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Demystifying Myths

Due to the Rise of the Anti-LGBTQ+ Rhetoric; Here is a Safety & security advisory pack for you. Kindly share to ensure the safety of our community.

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